Main Timeline

Year Event
-57 The Balance Guardian, Tirion, is stripped off his rank. Eren is appointed as the Balance Guardian in his place.
-30 Tirion murders the Council of Guardians, thus causing the Great Burn, which eradicates most of the existing human population. In doing so, he becomes known as Venari.
0 The Great Burn ends.
10 Liassa is born.
27 Sapphire Fort founded.
28 Liassa becomes a vampire.
39 Venari arrives in the Sapphire Fort.
63 Venari elected as the ruler of the Sapphire Fort.
65 Liassa arrives in the Sapphire Fort.
94 The entire Sapphire Region is under the Sapphire Fort's control.
108 The Sapphire Fort begins a joint program with other Forts to exterminate monsters and bandits.
168 The Sapphire Fort begins a series of conquests.
200 Kaj is born in the Dagger Fort.
203 Astaroth is born in the Blade Fort.
206 Digintegrated Hunter Bill is born in the Vander Area.
Sapphire Arms produces the SF-15 stealth fighter.
Renee is born in Winochi.
207 Gaia is born on the Island of the Sun.
209 Rejeana is born in the Dia Fort.
210 Zeon is born.
Sapphire Arms produces the SB-15 stealth bomber and the SF-19 stealth fighter.
211 The Dagger Fort destroys the River Fort in a sneak attack.
212 Ross is born in Bene Alim.
Voyager Omega is born.
213 Princess Lyra is born in the FFF Fort.
216 Aira is born in the Vander Fort.
217 Justice and FFF Forts declare war against the Dagger Fort.
Sapphire Arms produces the SF/B-25 stealth fighter/bomber.
218 Kaj is rescued from a Dagger Fort labor camp by FFF forces.
219 Astaroth leaves the Blade Fort, never to return again.
The Dagger Fort surrenders; Allied Forts only remove the existing leadership and then leave the Dagger Fort alone.
220 Rejeana's parents are killed in a battle and she loses her memory.
221 The Sapphire Fort conquers the Dagger Fort.
224 Zeon wakes up in the Noche Fort with no memory of his past life.
226 Sapphire Arms produces the SF/B-35 Raptor stealth fighter/bomber.
227 Ross leaves his home village.
229 The Sapphire War between the Sapphire and Allied Forts. Gaia gains telepathic powers. Danae is born. Ross arrives in the FFF Fort. The Sapphire Fort ends up occupied by Allied Forces.
230 The Second Sapphire War between the Sapphire and Allied Forts. Ross becomes a Balance Guardian. Sapphire Arms produces the SF/B-45 Lancer. Celestial Forts left in disarray, Justice and Sapphire Forts are destroyed. Venari is killed.
Rejeana leaves the Dia Fort.
Zeon leaves the Noche Fort.
231 Many citizens of the FFF Fort begin moving to a castle named Haven.

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