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Kaj hails from the River Fort, a small, peaceful fort about 200 kilometers away from the FFF Fort. When he was ten years old, the nearby Dagger Fort invaded, taking all the inhabitants of the River Fort as their slaves. During that period, the rest of Kaj's family members all perished.

In one of the slave camps, Kaj met and fell in love with another slave, Neshi. The feeling was mutual, and the two began to plan their escape together. One morning, however, Kaj woke up to find Neshi gone, and the camp guards around him. The guards spoke about what happens to people who try to escape, and seemed to somehow have acquired the details of the escape plan Kaj and Neshi had planned. After they had beaten him, and he lay in pain in a small cell, Neshi came to visit him, telling him that the commander of the camp had taken a liking to her, and offered her partial freedom in the form of being made his personal servant. In exchange, however, the commander wanted her to end the relationship she had had with Kaj, wanting her for himself alone. Neshi told Kaj that while she loved him, she hated the camps even more than she loved him. Giving Kaj a short apology, she left the cell, leaving him alone in the darkness.

Eventually, the Dagger Fort and the FFF Fort came to war with each other. Even though the two Forts were evenly matched at first, the Justice Fort soon joined the war on the FFF Fort's side, causing the fall of the Dagger Fort and the later signing of a permanent strategic alliance between the two Forts.

Rescued from slavery by the FFF Fort early in the war, Kaj quickly found himself helping Fort Intelligence, who crucially needed any information they could get concerning the Dagger Fort. As he participated in an 4xF raid against a Dagger Fort camp, he came face-to-face with Neshi. With the woman begging for mercy and forgiveness, Kaj stood silently in front of her, weapon in hand, for a long time. Eventually, however, he reached a decision, and shot his former lover dead.

After witnessing an assasination attempt on one of the Fort's generals that was thwarted by Fort Intel, Kaj decided that working for Intelligence would be the best way to serve the Fort that had given him his freedom. He joined the agency, managing to quickly climb the ranks as the war had killed many operatives.

Seeing the enemies that seemed to threaten the Fort every now and then, he devoted his life to the protection of the Fort while at the same time pushing his emotions deep away, never again wanting to experience the sort of pain he had felt with first the Dagger Fort's invasion, and then Neshi's betrayal. As time passed, he established himself a reputation as a cold, emotionless defender of the Fort, who felt no mercy for anybody or anything, with no moral code other than doing whatever was necessary to protect the Fort. The only thing he seemed to care for was his silver dragon, Sabre, which he rescued from being abandoned by its mother.

At one point, however, a young morale officer named Gaia somehow managed to develop a friendship of sorts with the agent. The feeling was hardly mutual at first - Kaj considered Gaia little more than a pest, and wished that she'd stop interfering with his matters. The situation was made worse by the morale officer's friendship with a minstrel named Mandy, as Mandy kept getting herself into trouble and going against Kaj, worsening both hers and Gaia's image in Kaj's eyes.

Gaia didn't stop pestering Kaj, however, and very slowly he could feel a hole forming in his emotional barriers. He couldn't help but like Gaia's constant optimism, the fact that she cared for him even when he kept pushing her away, maintaining an aura of innocence even after she had gone through Venari's imprisonment and torture. She reminded him of what he had been long ago, before the Dagger Fort's invasion. Slowly, Kaj fell in love with her.

Yet, he didn't tell anybody about it in a long time. He still considered himself devoted to his work in the first place, and nothing could possibly ever have worked out between him and Gaia, so he didn't want to bother her with telling her about it. Gaia developed something that seemed to be a relationship with Ross, and Kaj didn't want to interfere. On a few missions, he came into contact with the vampire Liassa, who worked with the Sapphire Fort, and even had a few intimate encounters with her, though he didn't consider them much else than a way to have some fun.

Then, however, things changed. Gaia left on a mission to Hell, in order to destroy Venari's armies, vanishing for a time and making Kaj worried about losing her. Once she came back, Kaj called her to a little talk with the intention of forbidding her from pulling a similiar stunt ever again, but during it he ended up confessing his love for her. Although thrown off guard at first, Gaia then told him that she liked him as well.

As the telepath Ross travelled to the Sapphire Fort to fight Venari, Gaia and Kaj went there as well to provide a diversion. As Ross's battle with Venari came to an end, he unleashed a powerful suicide spell, one so strong that it destroyed the entire Sapphire Fort, and severly injuring both Gaia and Kaj. They were knocked unconscious, and when Kaj woke up, he found Gaia unconscious as well, having gone to the Paths of the Dead to save Ross's life. Left without any way of helping her, he couldn't do anything else than to sit there and hope that she'd come back. It was there that he realized just how much he truly loved her, how he'd never want to lose her to anything.

Now that the Sapphire Fort has been crushed and Venari killed, and Kaj and Gaia are both back in the FFF Fort, Kaj's slowly looking to develop his relationship with Gaia further. Maybe, just maybe, it might work out...

Age: 31 years

Height: 1.75 meters

Species: Human

Affiliation: FFF Fort

Hair: Red

Eyes: Hazel

Place of Birth: River Fort

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