Character Profile: Zeon


Zeon is a bright 21-year-old man who specializes in Sword skills and Black magic. He lived in the Noche fort from the age of 14, but has no memory of his life prior to that, with the exceptions of a few memory flashes. The first thing that Zeon remembers of his life is waking up in a bed in the Noche fort with many wounds that had been tended to, and having ownership of thick plate body Armour and gauntlets, and a Sword that had carvings of dragons in it. It appeared to the doctors of the Noche fort that he had been in a battle of some kind, and was injured by human weapons rather than the weapons of monsters.

From his first conscious day in the Noche fort, Zeon always surpassed even the most adept Black magic users and swordsmen who resided there. He was able to learn a few minor spells and sword techniques, but nothing that would help him in the long run. His life in this fort was hard. Zeon had to grow up all over again, and he had to do it alone. His only friend in the fort was the mayor, who he lived with. He was always left out because of his abilities, the other children hating him for being better than them. Zeon spent most of his days outside the fort walls, practicing his sword and Black magic skills.

In some of his training sessions, Zeon discovered a few things about his Armour and his sword. He found that his sword was able to absorb magic attacks and attain that elemental property for a short period of time. That his Gauntlets seemed to strengthen his magical attacks, and that his Armour never got too small for him as he grew. It was evident to him that his weaponry had been forged with a combination of fire and magic.

On his 21st birthday, the hatred of the children he had to grow up with, who were now adults themselves, finally got the better of him. Zeon took 3 days worth of food and supplies and never turned back.

Zeon had barely gone a few miles before he ran into Rejeana. She hated him, but she hated him because he was adept with Black magic, not because of his skill with it. It is unclear who started the fight, but both wanted to finish it. Name-calling turned into sword fighting and both were holding their own quite well. But a man calling for help distracted them from their battle, and forced them to work together. They found that the man's name was Zida, who was returning to his home, the FFF Fort. Zeon decided soon after to accompany Zida to the FFF Fort in the hopes that he may discover more about his past. Rejeana did the same.

During the trip to the FFF Fort, Zida convinced Zeon and Rejeana to shake hands and put their rivalry behind them. Zeon was a little apprehensive at first, but soon he and Rejeana became great friends.

Zeon learned a lot during his first few weeks at the fort. During a walk though the library, he recalled the book that he learned most of his magic attacks from. He learnt Ultima by reading a paragraph in the book he found in the library and by witnessing it being cast. He has been on a mission to the depths of hell and back, and assisted the liberation of a neighboring fort. And recently he discovered that he is a descendant of the Avelmente, An ancient race of powerful magic users who were thought to be extinct. Zeon is currently looking after Chloe while Renee is absent form the fort, and instructing her in the use of Black Magic.

Age: 21

Height: 1.75m

Species: Human/Avelmente

Affiliation: FFF Fort / Noche Fort

Hair: Brown, Shoulder length

Eyes: Brown

Place of Birth: Unknown

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