Character Profile: Princess Lyra


Lyra was the firstborn child to the FF Fort Royal Family.  She has one younger brother, Adam.  She's grown up in the fort all her life under the care of the FF Fort officals and others while her parents were away. Since her younger brother went away to study, she was the only royal family member left in the fort. The Squall statue was built upon her demand.  Since she was a child, her guardian, Astraea protected her. Astraea usually takes the form of a small, white tiger. She usually consults Astraea for advice.  She was trained to use a crossbow and cast spells.

Her childhood was pretty much uneventful, she was educated and prepped to be royalty.  Longing for independence from princess-like duties as she grew older, she also desired to fight in the war against the Sapphire Fort. Even going as far as going off on her own to do so. 

After the war had ended she had disturbing dreams, which led to meeting Damon, a mysterious man who had been appearing in and giving her those dreams.  The two began a relationship in secret, and Lyra began to ignore all duties as princess to the fort.  Eventually Damon's true nature became clear and he betrayed Lyra. The two fought, which caused her great pain.  After this, she has been hesistant to open her heart to anyone.

Now, Lyra searches for balance between her life as a princess and desires of being a typical girl.


Age: 18

Height: 1.57 cm

Species: Human

Affiliation: FF Fort

Hair: Black

Eyes: Maroon

Place of Birth: FFF Fort

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