Character Profile: Renee


Renee grew up in a tiny town called Winochi, and is the only child of Alice Palazzio. Alice became pregnant with Renee at the age of 18, and refused to tell her parents who the father because she feared they would prosecute him. Being a curious child, Renee constantly asked questions about anything and everything, and Alice would gladly answer them. However, any questions about her patronage were heavily scholded. Being fatherless gave way to childhood torment...among other things. The Palazzios had never truly been accepted because of the Guardian that aided the female members of the family. They were considered 'weirdoes' or 'pagans' because of this, as magic was unheard of in the Winochi area.

Dispite the years of teasing, Renee grew up with an abundance of selfpride, and a need to know everything. With her mother's blessing, Renee left home to travel with a group of Bards at the age of 15, and her travels brought a quenching to her insatiable thirst for knowledge. During her travels with the bards, she saw most of the known world, and is fluent in 4 languages and knows bits of 3 others. Renee took up an interest in journalism, and soon began traveling on her own, doing freelance work for newspapers and the like.

The above job brought her to the Final Fantasy Fort. While she was there, she made many friends, one more special to her than any - a small child named Chloe, whom she saved during a trip to the Sapphire Fort. She hadn't been in the Fort for long when her mind had wandered to her father, and with the help of one of her friends, Rejeana, she began traveling to find him, while a mutual friend, Zeon, watched over Chloe. With her mother being dead, she had no family left, so one can imagine why she left to search for her father.. The only leads she had to go on were that her father was far north, possibly in the Empire of Cidade. However, she never knew he had become the Emporer, through military means that is. And that's where she is now, fresh from a ship wreck.

Age: 25

Height: 1.70 meters
Species: Human

Affiliation: Winochi, FFF Fort, Empire of Cidade

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Place of Birth: Winochi

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