Character Profile: Voyager Omega


Ever since being he turned ten years old, Voyager Omega has been wandering around the world, trying to discover his origins. He didn't know his parents, where he came from, or even what his name was.

At one point during his travels, a powerful monster attacked VO, overpowering and almost killing him. At the last possible moment, however, a warrior named Hiro showed up, slaying the monster and rescuing VO. Hiro took the child under his protection, adopting him and giving him the name he now has.

Several happy years later, after VO and Hiro had lived together in a small village for years, the village was caught in the crossfire between two powerful Forts that were in war with each other. Hiro tried to protect the village, and as a result was killed in the battle. His last wish that VO would find out who he truly was, and Voyager could only honor his adopted father's last request.

After having traveled for a few years, he came upon the 4xF. Tired of traveling, and not having found very many clues, he decided to settle in the FFF for the time being. Yet, realizing that his new home was in the middle of a war, he joined its forces and eventually was proven dependable enough to become Princess Lyra's bodyguard. While carrying out this duty, he was shot once, but survived the wound.

Having encountered a fake rendition of Lord Venari, VO thought that he wasn't strong enough to protect anybody in the Fort, so he chose to leave it. Not much later, he had the misfortune of stumbling upon the lair of a blue dragon, which attacked and killed him. As he fell on the Paths of the Dead, Hades possessed his spirit. However, a little before it was too late, VO's good friend, Zida, revived Voyager.

Things, however, didn't turn out nearly as Zida had thought they would. Hades was furious at Zida for having been defeated, and used his powers to grab VO and pull him directly into Hell.

What felt like an eternity passed in Hell, until the 4xF's members launched a mission to Hell to rescue the Morale Officer, Gaia, who had journeyed there on a mission of her own. Zida was one of the participants in this mission, and, partially thanks due to a bond Zida and VO discovered that they shared, Zida guided VO away from hell, saving him.

Having arrived back at the Fort, they found out that Venari had been defeated. VO chose a new job for himself, studying to become a Chocobo Knight, an occupation which will no doubt lead him to numerous new adventures...


Age: 19

Height: 1.75 meters

Species: Human

Affiliation: FFF Fort

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Place of Birth: Unknown

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