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Rejeana was born and raised in the Dia Fort.  Her mother, Oriana, was a very  powerful white mage; she was one of the best and most revered in the whole Fort. Rejeana's father, Josiah, was a very powerful swordsman, and was not a native to Dia.  He came to the Dia Fort after being severely injured in a fierce battle that had taken place near there.  Rejeana's mother nursed the wounded warrior back to health, and the two soon fell in love.  Following their marriage, the couple was very happy and eventually, they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

Rejeana was a happy child.  She got along very well with the other children of the Fort.  But she was different than they were, too.  She displayed a sort of innate ability with magic, much more so than the other youngsters.  Her mother noticed this, and as soon as Rejeana reached the age of 5, Oriana began teaching her the skills she needed to become a great and powerful white mage.  Rejeana had a hunger for knowledge and was more than willing to study beneath her mother. Rejeana admired Oriana more than anyone else, and wanted nothing more than to be just like her.

Josiah, on the other hand, didn't want Rejeana to study white magic.  He thought that she would become defenseless and not be able to take care of herself or handle herself in a battle.  This thought troubled the former warrior more than anything that had ever crossed his mind.  He knew the troubles white mages faced in battle, and that some day his baby girl would surely face those same dilemmas if she continued studying the art.  He saw how much his young daughter loved learning white magic, and he didn't have the heart to put a stop to her training.  All he knew is that he didn't want her to deal with the same suffering he had, so he was determined that besides an extensive knowledge of white magic, she would learn how to handle a sword as well.

Oriana did not like the idea of Rejeana becoming a warrior, but Josiah insisted on it.  He even went as far as threatening to halt Rejeana's mage training if she didn't also begin learning the art of the sword. Oriana stood firm, though. She did not like the idea of her daughter bringing harm to anyone; she wanted Rejeana to heal the hurts of the world, not bring more of them to it.  Finally, Josiah broke down, and nearly in tears, he told Oriana his reasoning. Her resolve softened.  He really was concerned for his daughter's well being more than anything, and she agreed to let Rejeana take lessons in swordplay and skill 3 days a week.

As the days turned to weeks, the weeks to months, and the months to years, Rejeana grew stronger with her magic.  Though magic was her passion, she loved her sword training as well.  She enjoyed it so much because it gave her a chance to spend time with her father, learning his art and hearing his stories from wars he had fought in.  Josiah was very proud of his daughter.  She was a very fast learner, picking up on techniques almost as soon as he showed them to her.  Josiah had no need to boast about her, for the whole population of the fort knew about her training.  She was the only child in the town who had ever begun training for both white magic and battle tactics.

Rejeana trained long and hard every day, which amazed Josiah.  Sometimes, Josiah and Oriana had to force her to sleep at night.  Her hunger for knowledge made her parents very proud, but also worried them.  They didn't want their young daughter to burn out or fall apart at the seams.  They tried to instill the value of "slow and steady wins the race" into her head. She did her best to take their advice, but even at her young age, she was determined to be the best there ever was.

When Rejeana was 11 years old, 6 years after she had began her dual training, something horrible happened that would change her life forever.  A renegade group of black mages, dark knights, and rebels launched a surprise attack on the unknowing residents of the Dia Fort.  Oriana and Josiah feared for their daughter's life more than their own.  They sent Rejeana to hide with the rest of the children and a few guardians in the basement of the town hall.  Rejeana didn't want to stay in that building.  She felt cowardly by doing so, but she did as she was told.  Then, the husband and wife set out to help defend their home.

Rejeana didn't want to disobey her parents, but she had to help in some way, so she sneaked out of the safe haven and followed her mother.  Oriana lead a group of the finest white mages in Dia. While on a healing mission, she tried to take out one of the battle leaders of the enemy army with an onslaught of Holy spells.  She was caught off guard by another masked renegade warrior and killed.  Rejeana witnessed this and, in a rage, attacked the man who had stabbed her mother.  The man tossed her aside like she was nothing.  She crashed into a pile of nearby rubble and lost consciousness.  Josiah was crushed.  He couldn't do anything to save the love of his life, and went into a rage, mowing down opponents trying to get to the murderer of his wife.  Finally, he came face to masked face with the one he sought.  They fought bitterly, and it ended with Josiah receiving a fatal injury.  The renegade army, having finished their business, pulled their forces and retreated.

Rejeana and Josiah were taken into the makeshift hospital to be cared for.  The young girl was unconscious and showed no signs of waking.  Josiah weakly ordered that the best care be taken of his daughter, for it is what Oriana would have wanted.  Josiah knew his death was near, and it was finally time that he told his story.  He used to serve in the army that had launched the attack on Dia.  He was the best of the best; the general's right hand man.  He hadn't planned on falling in love with Oriana, but it had happened.  It was against everything he was taught in the army's training academy to fall in love, and falling in love with a white mage made matters worse. So he and Oriana had faked his death so they could stay together forever.  Somehow, his former general had found out about what he had done, about his new life here, and ordered the attack on the Dia Fort.  With his one last gasping breath, Josiah begged the chieftain not to tell his daughter about his past. He knew that the death of her mother would cause hatred of black magic and the dark arts to boil up in Dia, and he didn't want his baby girl to think badly of him.  He felt deep in his heart, that she would hate him because he had been a user of black magic while in that army.  He had caused the destruction of the only home she had ever known and the death of her mother. He couldn't rest in peace with that on his soul.  And with those last words, he died.

Rejeana awoke from her unconscious slumber, remembering nothing of what had happened.  The chieftain, named Corbeau, granted Josiah's wish, telling her nothing of his past, or what had happened during the attack.  He just told that she was orphaned and left in his care by her parents.  He ordered that her training be continued.  Soon, she regained her passion for magic and her hunger for knowledge.  As the girl grew into a young woman, she began asking questions. She remembered nothing of her childhood prior to her twelfth birthday, and she wanted to know about the first 11 years of her life.  She needed to know what had gone on in those years.

As time passed, hatred brewed in Dia.  Ever since that fateful day when war was made on the peaceful fort, nothing had been the same.  Horrible sentiments grew up.  The citizens of the fort were paranoid and lived in fear. They harbored the belief that any and all black magic was evil.  Black magic users were devils.  Black mages were the lowest life forms on the planet.  And Rejeana believed every word she was told about those very black magic users.

As she grew up, she became more curious than ever and she began to ask more and more questions of her foster father.  She wanted to know who her real parents were, where they came from, and more so than anything, she wanted to know who she was.  He continued to give her the same answers as he had since the first time she asked.  She saw so many holes in his story of her past that it was hard for her to even try to believe it.  She knew there had to be more to her life than that.  She could feel it deep within herself, but Corbeau insisted there wasn't anything else for her to be told.

Finally, on her 22nd birthday, the sacrifice of never knowing the truth about her real parents became too much for her. She told her foster father that she had to know the real answers, and that if he wasn't going to give them to her, she'd go find them for herself.  He wanted badly to tell her of what Josiah had said, but he swore to the fallen warrior that he would not.  He hated to see Rejeana part ways with the Dia Fort like this, but he had to let her go.  Before she headed out of the gates of the Dia Fort, Corbeau stopped her.  He handed her a package wrapped in an old cloth.  Rejeana pulled the cloth away to reveal a beautiful sword.  The blade was swirled with red, and the hilt was carved with intricate designs.  The beautiful blade was called the "Save The Queen."  The sword in her hand...just felt natural.  Little did Rejeana know, this had been the blade her father, Josiah, had wielded in his day.  She nodded to Corbeau and hugged him tightly.  It was time for her adventure to begin.

Once she began her journey, she met up she met a black mage knight, known as Zeon.  The two fought bitterly, but were interrupted by cries for help.  It was Zida, the librarian from some Fort known as the 4xF.  She was forced to work with Zeon, whom she hated with a passion because of his black magic, to save Zida's life.  As a thank-you gesture for saving his life, Zida took Rejeana and Zeon both back to his home, the 4xF.  It was there that the pieces began to fall into place.

Rejeana soon befriended Zeon when she finally realized, with the help of Zida, Mandy, and others that black magic was only evil if used by the wrong people for the wrong reasons.  Soon, she met many others, and even helped on a rescue mission that led into the depths of hell.  In her short time at the Fort, she learned many things about herself.  The war with the Sapphire Fort and Venari made her uneasy.  She found that the idea of war scared her much more than she could imagine.  She also learned that small children are too much for her to handle when she took on the task of trying to watch little Chloe.  Though while watching over Chloe, she made a very good friend in the Fort journalist, Renee.  The two became close during their time at the Fort and have set out on a journey together on which they both might find the answers they are looking for, as well as some surprises along the way...

Age: 22 years

Height: 1.65 meters

Species: Human

Affiliation: FFF Fort / Dia Fort

Hair: Medium length brown, with red highlights

Eyes: Deep brown

Place of Birth: Dia Fort

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