Character Profile: Astaroth


Astaroth's mother was an occupant of the Blade Fort.  Very little is known about her, other than the fact that she helped transport supplies from the Blade Fort to the nearby Dusty Village for a career.  She was supposedly a very quick-witted, but also a kind and strong-willed person. On one of the trips to the Dusty Village, her group was attacked by a band of robbers. The robbers were a group of Blade Fort outcasts that had nothing better to do with their lives.  They were nothing but ruthless drunkards.  The leader of the pack was one of the few who was not a worthless drunkard.  In truth, he was a respected warrior who had simply gone mad from the life he lived. He had, for unknown reasons, decided that an honest life was not worth living and so joined these outcasts.  As for the attack, the food, money, clothes, and other supplies that the Blade Fort travellers were carrying were all stolen or burned.  The robbers killed all of the men and raped the women.  The leader raped the woman who was to become Astaroth's mother.

The next day Astaroth's mother had woken up beaten and sore, but very alive. She did what she could to find the other survivors of the attack, but there were very few. She returned to the Blade Fort and entered the hospital. She recovered from her injuries very well, but one remained that would scar her forever. She was found to be pregnant.  All her life, she had never really wanted a child, much less one that came as the creation of rape. Regardless of her unwillingness, Astaroth was born. However, she couldn't support the child with the money she made, and couldn't care less for him even if she could. As much as she hated the child, she refused to have it killed.  Because of this, she gave it away to whoever would take it.  Nearly a year had passed until she found a child care center that said they would raise the child for an affordable price. Astaroth was now off her hands and she was free to return to her work.  Nothing is known of what has happened to either the parents after this point.

Astaroth grew up in the center, not knowing a family of any kind.  He was a lonely child, not making friends with the other kids in the center. The people who ran the center were very kind and tried to make the others friends with him as he grew up, but Astaroth nevertheless grew up aloof. He kept to himself except when asked a question.  He aged there in this state of mind until he was about 16 years old.

At last, he finally decided that he couldn't take growing up in the center anymore.  He needed to escape, to go out into the world and find his place. The madness of who he was toiled over and over in his mind until he couldn't take it anymore.  He be somewhere.  One night he snuck out from the center and was never seen there again.

Once he left, he went south, far beyond the Dusty Village. He journeyed into the dangerous Shadow Mountains.  For a long time, possibly as much as two years, he followed an unseen path.  All the while, this calling grew stronger.  At last he arrived at the source of the calling and found a mysterious sword placed neatly in the middle of a large rock.  He was inside a dark cave and the sword gave off a small, eerie red light.  He was compelled to take the rather long sword.  He took it, even though he did not know how to use it.  The path he had been following had come to an end.

After gaining the sword, he continued south, at last exiting the mountains. He began to head east, wanting to see the the Great Lake again and perhaps even sail upon it.  He was tired, however, for his journey had worn him out. He needed rest, and a place to stay. Finally, just as he was about to collapse, the FF Fort came into view over the top of a hill he had just climbed.  With renewed energy, he continued on to the Fort.  He had found a home.

After resting at the Fort, he became curious about everything there.  He found the place to have a sort of beauty that he had never seen before.  He looked into a home where he could live.  He also found a passion for weapons, and he had talent for using them as well.  He spent much of his free time in the library, reading about them.  He quickly became an expert. He had found a place where he belonged, at last.  Peace came over his warring mind. He set up a forge to make weapons in.  He made weapon making his career.

Not long after Astaroth had established himself at the FF Fort, the first Sapphire Fort war came up.  He jumped at the chance to test his skills in a real battle.  He took a small part as a lowly soldier in the war.  He proved himself to be skillful, and rose through the ranks. By the the time the second Sapphire Fort war came around, he was a General.  He led the armies into battle against the legions of foes.  He also had a big part in some of the missions that helped sway the war in the FF Fort's favor.

Also, sometime between the first and second Sapphire Fort wars, Astaroth met up with Crece. She was a young FF Fort citizen looking to become a Weapons Master herself.  He trained her in the arts of weaponry and became great friends with her.  Her skills are starting to match up with Astaroth's own.

Presently, Astaroth's mind has been made stable, and he now lives peacefully at the FF Fort. While he still has no family, he does have many friends. Crece, his assistant Weapons Master, is almost like a daughter to him.  If only this peace would last forever.. 

Age: 28

Height: 1.85 m

Species: Human

Affiliation: FF Fort

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Teal

Place of Birth: Blade Fort

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