Character Profile: Liassa


Born in a little village, the name of which has been lost in history, Liassa was the daughter of a farmer. Born shortly after the the cataclysm of the Great Burn, she would have been sentenced to live the poor, unremarkable life of a peasant, had not the vampire Carlon happened to visit the village when Liassa was 18.

Attracted to the amazing looks of the young girl, the vampire stole Liassa away from the village, easily using his powers and experience to make her fall in love with him. He made her a vampire as well, and the two proceeded to travel around the world together for years.

Eventually, when they had been together for twenty-five years, Carlon began to grow tired of the relationship, and eventually brought an end to it. Left emotionally crushed, Liassa spent a good twelve years wandering about the continent on her own, many times considering bringing Final Death upon herself. Eventually she recovered, but has never trusted or been able to commit with any member of the male sex since.

When she was 55 years old, she came upon the Sapphire Fort, where Venari had established himself as a powerful mage and noble, quickly growing in power. As she decided to settle there, at least for the while being, Venari took notice of her, and realizing that her vampire powers could prove useful, took her under his wing. With Venari still being relatively young, the two had a short relationship, with Liassa hoping that the mage could replace Carlon, but it quickly became obvious that it wouldn't work.

Time passed, and Liassa lived in the Sapphire Fort for many, many years, increasing her power and influence, eventually finding herself a royal azure dragon and becoming the leader of the Sapphire Fort Aerial Forces. She fought in many wars for the SF's side, generally performing well, though the carefree attitude she had developed to overcome the pain of leaving Carlon led Venari to occasionally reprimand her for not taking her duties seriously enough.

When Venari captured Gaia and created Danae out of her to be used as a tool, Liassa immeaditly understood the opportunity to seize even more political power. Danae was, in a way, young and naive, under Venari's protection, and didn't have any other allies in the the Sapphirian Court. Liassa befriended the young telepath, with the initial purpose of expanding her influence through Danae, but gradually found herself actually becoming fond of Danae. Eventually she came to consider Danae her little sister, one she would protect at any cost.

As the Sapphire Fort fell, and Venari was driven into hiding, Liassa followed him to the Mountain Hideout, where her friendship with Danae continued to deepen. As she stayed there, Venari sent her on a number of missions to the outside world, both to sabotage the success of the Allied Forts and to find new allies for the Sapphire Fort. On a few of these missions, she had run-ins with the FFF Fort operative Kaj, and got a bit attracted to him. Though on opposing sides, the two had some intimate encounters, which led Liassa to once ignore the chance to take the agent's life, earning her a reprimand from Venari.

With the fall of Venari and the destruction of the Sapphire Fort, Liassa has again lost the framework within she lived her life for many years. But she has been quick to find a new focus: she'll remain with Danae to help and guide the telepath, protecting her little sister to the best of her ability.

Age: 221 years

Height: 1.82 meters

Species: Human/Vampire

Affiliation: Previously Sapphire Fort,
now none

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Place of Birth: Unknown

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D&D Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

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