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An island far off to the East where a village of Matura users dwelt was where Gaia was born.  The daughter of one of the ruling families, she was separated from them, and her younger brother when disaster hit the island.  Without memory of her past, she was resuced and taken as an orphan to the FFF where she was raised.  

As she grew and became the morale officer of her home fort, a place that she loved dearly...she became best friends with another young woman named Mandy.  Hailing from another fort, the young woman had come to the FFF as a minstrel and the two young women had met, becoming fast friends.  They had many adventures together as Mandy seemed prone to getting herself into trouble, and Gaia always loved being along for the exciting and sometimes dangerous ride.  

She also came to know Kaj, the Fort's agent, and Horus, the Fort's assassin.  Together with one or the other, and often with Mandy, they took many missions which benefited the Fort.  All were loyal to their home and desired to make it stronger while helping to rid their planet of the evil influence of one Lord Venari, an evil despot who strove for domination over all the free peoples of their world.  Trained as a soldier specialized in close combat, Gaia's first exposure to Venari came when he sent forces against the FFF.  He was made curious about her later when it became apparent that she had developed a telepathic bond with her dragon.  

The creature, having appeared overnight out of nowhere was a rare Royal Dragon.  Natsuno, deep red in color, was the light of Gaia's life and the two worked as one.  No creature was closer to her heart.  The only person to even notice the change that took place as her connection to the beast grew, was the agent Kaj.  He was the only one to truly see the person Gaia truly was unleashed as he often found her after hours in the training center as she sparred and worked out.  He recognized early the deeper side of the young woman whom everyone always thought so perky and cheerful.  It was that nature which would lead her down the path of despair when Venari finally managed to slay her faithful mount.  

He captured the young woman who had become a strong telepath to use for his own purposes in the war against the FFF and the Allied forts.  Gaia was made prisoner and brainwashed and tortured until her mind was lost unto itself as she struggled with the pain of her circumstance and the loss of her dearest heart, the brave Natsuno.  It was then that Venari implanted in her mind the beginnings of a new personality that would develop into the psychotic version of Gaia known as Danae.  However, Horus and Mandy would risk all to come to the aid of their friend.  And indeed they did.  Both were captured.  Mandy finally discovered her long lost true father in the adventure however, while Danae discovered a nearly unholy desire to keep Horus as a pet to torture and maim over the course of time.  Horus was far more clever than the newly born lunatic and managed to work himself free and managed to overpower Danae, forcing upon her a poison that would kill her, and Gaia, whose mind still dwelt far within.  He took her to Mandy who presented Gaia with a golden stone...the very stone Kaj had found when he'd learned of Gaia's having been taken from the battlefield as a prisoner of Venari.  The stone, unbeknownst to any, contained the life essense of Gaia's guardian, that creature that had once been known as Natsuno.  Upon touching the stone Gaia's mind was released from it's prison and on a temporal plane she fought against Danae for the repossession of her mind and body.  At the very last, pushed beyond all mental endurance Gaia seemed about to meet her end at Danae's hands, when the spirit of Natsuno finally was able manifest and come to the aid of her beloved master.  Their final farewell was said and Gaia was returned to her mortal existance.  It was then that the new guardian, the Griffin Morioka appeared offering everyone the chance to escape Venari's clutches. 

Once returned to the Fort, Gaia took over the duties as commander for the Strategist Ian, who had fallen when Venari had attempted to have him assassinated.  He had been carefully sustained in magical stasis fields until the coma in which he was trapped finally would dissipate.  Mandy had taken the post initially, but after being imprisoned by Venari and having had a watchdog implanted in her brain by Venari, she decided it was not a role she wanted to fill.  Together with Kaj and other leaders from the Allied Forts a final assault was massed against Venari and he was for a time, brought down.  Another war loomed in the distance however, one which would nearly cost Gaia her life, but would reveal to her the one who loved her best, besides her loyal Griffin.  Together with Kaj she saw the destruction of Lord Venari as peace was brought to their  home...


....for a time.... 

Age: 24 years

Height: 1.52 meters

Species: Human 

Affiliation: FFF Fort 

Hair: Reddish/brown 

Eyes: Green initially, changed to Gold 

Place of Birth: The Island of the Sun

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