Character Profile: Digintegrated Hunter Bill (DHB)


A loner by nature, DHB was found as a child near Vander and imprisoned into the Sapphire Fort to become an experience subject for many researches carried out by his nemesis Elmo, a scientist also specialized in psychokinetic matters. Willing to gain Venari's favors, Elmo carried out several researches in order to make an 'enhanced commando', mastering DHB and also Aira's abilities. So the scientist tested DHB to his limits, trying to find more about his strong points and weaknesses.

What the firstly found out was the ability for DHB to "wraith" himself. In other words, the young man had acquired (from birth or by training, no one yet knows) the ability to leave his body and venture in a dark, spectral form, allowing him to perform particularly deadly attacks. Dozens of the scientist 'zombie clones' were destroyed during these tests.
Another noticeable feature, that has rewarded DHB with the title 'Blade Runner', is his claws. Developed from a lump of metal being carried by DHB as he was found, these claws can stretch and retract by his own free will, and can even turn ethereal. These sharp blades have also been reinforced using nanotech implants in his arms to favor neurotransmission (hence the first part of the name 'Digintegrated', meaning 'Digital Integrated'), resulting in faster stretching and retracting speeds and longer claw sizes.

However, Elmo's researches never had the chance to be completed. As the Sapphire Fort was attacked by the 4xF forces, Elmo took all his research material in emergency, DHB and clones included, then set forth with his airship to his main base, located somewhere in the Sapphire Lake. But the vessel had hardly reached the Lake shore that a motor breakdown made it crash. Elmo got unconscious by the accident, DHB was wounded, yet still able to run. Given the chance to escape, the Blade Runner took a pair of gloves that was bearing his claws, made his way out of the ship and ran as fast as he could to where his 'saviors' were located.

A week later, exhausted, he finally reached the entrance of the castle and met Kaj who accepted to let him in. There, he learned new powers, foe example he remembered how to turn his claws into an ethereal form, to damage spectral entities. He even accepted to serve the Fort as a commando soldier, during a mission in which his team had to infiltrate slave camps to allow the slaves to escape. But on his way back, the team was ambushed by a dozen Sapphire Fort guards that only accepted to let them pass if DHB surrendered. The Blade Runner promptly refused and terminated them all with a Shadow Flare, his most dangerous attack. He didn't know that Elmo was watching him at the time...

Then time passed, but DHB was still feeling uneasy. He knew, deep in his mind, that his arch-enemy was still alive. He also wanted to find more about his origins, about his powers. Until that day when he met the mysterious Aira. He couldn't explain this but he was feeling some kind of connection, like an invisible bound between them two. He knew Aira was also feeling the same thing. He was right... a conflict with a Guardian Force allowed DHB to witness Aira's powers. She had a wraith form like him... could it be that DHB and Aira had the same origins?

So DHB and Aira set forth to Elmo's lair, in a quest for themselves. Who knew what could happen to them?

Age: 25 years 

Height: 1.77 meters 

Species: Human 

Affiliation: FFF Fort 

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue-green 

Place of Birth: Vander area (hypothetical)

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