Character Profile: Mandy


Mandy was born the only daughter of the Chancellor of Sapphire Fort. For the first several years of her life, her existence was a happy one. However, the Fort was caught up in war and Mandy and her mother fled to a clearing where they'd be safe. However, while Mandy's mother was sleeping, Mandy wandered off and came across a family of unicorns. They protected her, recognizing her as part of the bloodline they had made a vow of protection with several generations before. Soldiers came across Mandy's mom and killed her, while the unicorns whisked Mandy off to safety. They delivered her to a humble Fort named Eden, where she was taken in by a poor luthier and his wife. One of the unicorns, Kemar, stayed with her to be her guardian.

Mandy left Fort Eden in order to be a traveling minstrel. She had had several run-ins with a man in Eden, as well, named Drake Serdio, and she was escaping him as well. She ended up at the Fort, where she was befriended the morale officer, Gaia. Her time at the Fort was a happy one for the most part. She moved into Elder Griever's den and served her Fort as needed, when she was not at odds with Kaj. To this day, the two simply do not get along. He always felt Mandy was too flighty and irresponsible and she always felt he was simply mean and overbearing.

When the Fort came under invasion and the strategist, Ian, fell into a coma, Mandy took over command, her claim to authority a ruby signet ring that Lord Mike had bestowed on her. She had to relinquish control to Gaia, however, when security was threatened by a watchdog placed in her mind by Venari. During the conflict with the Sapphire Fort, she rediscovered her true father. Their time together was brief, but he ensured her safe return home.

Mandy grew close to the Fort Trainer, Toto, and the two ended up marrying. He took her to a new town to live, hoping to get her away from the harsh reminder that her unicorn, Kemar, had perished shortly before upon her return to Fort Eden after another run-in with Drake Serdio. He also had vengeance on his mind - something he had been planning for years, even before he met Mandy. He caught a fatal dagger wound in his side, leaving Mandy alone in the world once more. She took her new companion, Farasi, a pure-white horse, and wandered until she came to Haven. Something drew her there.
Age: 24 years

Height: 1.68 meters

Species: Human

Affiliation: FFF Fort

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Place of Birth: Sapphire Fort

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