Desert Base Automated Security System
Primary memory core - no contact
Secondary memory core - no contact
Tertiary memory core - Online, 34% operational

Analyzing situation

Base power down to 41%
Security system 78% operational
Internal sensors 3% operational
Security system triggered by the activation of the communications system

Attempting to establish contact to other mainbases

Sea Base - Query timed out
Dragon Base - Query timed out
Underwater Research Base - Query timed out
Volcano Base - Query timed out

Attempting to establish contact to orbital satelites

Located an operational satelite
Querying satelite for Civilian-level data
Satelite reports main BG network is down
Querying satelite for Military-level data
Query failed: The satelite reports the authorization codes available in this base expired 613 years, 143 days, 5 hours, and 22 seconds ago.

Activating elite security team to find out more about the situation

Deep below the Desert Base, an adamantium gate designed to survive a direct nuclear strike opened, revealing a row of three hundred cryonic capsules. Lightbulbs, dormant for decades, now sprung to light.

One by one, the capsules opened.

Good morning, Major Cralon.
Your unit was activated by the Desert Base Automatic Defense Mechanism.
Please confirm readiness.

Cralon grunted at the green text reflected on the plexiglass of the capsule. His body felt like lead, his vision was foggy, the unpleasant taste of the freezing chemicals in his mouth, the air in the capsule stale, and he had the worst headache he could remember.

He had to get out.

"Confirm..." Slowly, the words came back to him. "Confirm... readiness. Open... cryopod... door."

The transparent door in the capsule slid away, and Cralon collapsed on the metal walkway, naked. All around him, other soldiers were being similiarly freed from the sleep that had held them for so long. Gasping for fresh air, the memories slowly came back to him, and he walked to the wall console to get an update on his status.

It was not good. According to the computer log, the entire base had entered a power-saving mode, over 600 years ago. The system was supposed to contain data about what had happened before that, but Cralon was not too surprised when the computer reported the records to be corrupted beyond recovery. It was a miracle everything had lasted for so long.

Sensing movement on his left side, he turned to see his second-in-command, Captain Reslan, standing at attention. Reslan had already had time to get into his uniform, and Cralon glanced briefly at his own naked body. He shrugged off as irrelevant, at gave Reslan a loose salute.

"At ease, 'Res. How are the boys doing?"

Reslan frowned.

"I dunno how long we've been sleeping, but the cryopods arent in the best possible shape. Out of the three hundred troops we got, 162 have been killed due to malfunctioning cryonic suspension."

Cralon gave a grim nod. They had known the risks.


"The containers havent been touched. We currently have one Turbo Plasma Rifle, one Plasma Rifle, two first aid kits, an uniform, a comlink, three Plasma Grenades, and one Vibroblade for all of our men."

Cralon nodded, seeing how Reslan was carrying the listed equipment.

"Get everybody ready while I get into uniform. It's time we moved out."

Fifteen minutes later...

Alucard puts his sword at Matrix's neck.

Kilik: "Ok bitch...time to die!"

Cralon: "Just a minute there."

*Everybody turned to look at Cralon, who's men were storming the room with military efficency, and with their weapons pointed at the people present.*

Cralon: "I am Major Cralon of the Bad Guy 4th Sleeper Division. You are currently trespassing on BG territory. Drop your weapons and identify yourselves at once. And no sudden moves, if you want to live." Cue Matrix/Soul Edge/Whoever else is present.

Määrittelemätön aika myöhemmin. Sleeper-yksikkö on saanut haltuunsa erikoisvarustellun sukellusveneen ja on matkalla salaiseen tukikohtaan täynnä resursseja joka on varta vasten heitä odottamassa.

"Sir, we've completed the shake-down cruise. Everything is ready."

Cralon nodded, and turned to look at Reslan.

"Well, guess it's time to go. Make sure that nothing happens here while I'm gone."

"No worries, boss. I'll see 'ya later."

Nodding to Reslan, Cralon turned and walked to the submersible. Five troopers escorted him.

"All right, boys" he grunted "Time to see if these parts really are as good as we were told." 45 minutes later...

Depth 14.5 kilometers
All systems are go.

Depth 15 kilometers
Approaching maximum safe diving depth.

Depth 15.5 kilometers
Maximum safe diving depth exceeded

Cralon shifted nervously.

Depth 16 kilometers
Estimated time to shield failure: 15 minutes
Transmitting message: BG-AUTH-5937130-Adortoise-LFIENFK-843-CRALON
Received message: BG-AUTH-2940214-Gryffin-CONFIRM-503

Cralon let out a sigh of relief. Their initial authorization code had been accepted.

Depth 16.25 kilometers
Estimated time to shield failure: 10 minutes
Transmitting ship data

Smiling, Cralon saw as a huge underwater gate opened, letting them inside. He didnt miss the nearby torpedo launchers which would have blasted them apart had their authorization code been incorrect, either.

10 minutes later...

Cralon's team walked inside the corridors of the hidden Sleeper base. Despite six hundred years lack of use, cleaning robots still kept the installation free of dust. As they arrived at the door of the command center, Cralon placed his hand on a nearby panel. The door opened with a huge combat droid behind it, bristling with heavy guns and weapon emplacements.

"Identify yourselves. You have 10 seconds."

"Major Tregan Cralon, 4th Bad Guy Sleeper Division. Command code Irgonav-7."

Cralon didnt even twitch as the droid's left arm suddenly leaped towards him and injected a needle inside his arm.

"DNA sample recognized. You are cleared for entry."

As the droid moved aside, Cralon walked inside the command center and requested a readiness status from the base central computer.

Underwater Sleeper Base

Troop status:
5000 soldiers in suspended animation
15,000 androids ready to be activated
50,000 antropod clones in suspended animation
75,000 brainsucker clones in suspended animation
50,000 hyperworm clones in suspended animation
25,000 popper clones in suspended animation
125 cloning tanks ready to be activated
4 hours later...

A small aircraft carrier surfaced, launching a squadron of TIE Defenders seconds after it had appeared on the surface. As the fighters quickly secured air superiority, soldiers unloading from troop transports spread out on the continent, taking over smaller villages and using the numerous legends that existed about the BG's, managed to recruit a large number of people to reinforce the rapidly-growing army.

Meanwhile, eight underwater launch pads, far away from any bases, launched one satelite into orbit each. While only three of these satelites activated without problems, it was enough to send a signal all around FFAlpha. Even though most bases had been thoroughly obliterated, a couple of ruins still had enough power to dechiper the message, further waking up 500 Sleepers. Cralon's transports were dispatched to these sites, picking up and briefing the soldiers about the current situation.

It was time for the real BG's to return to power.

Yleinen kuvaus yksiköstä

BG Sleeper Division
Standard Training Programs

The Sleepers are the last-ditch elite unit, woken from their deep sleep when there is nobody else to do the job. They will take the missions with the lowest chances of success, enter combat zones when all other units have been wiped out, and generally make themselves a nuisance for anyone who thought he had just won the war. Because of this, they receive some of the best - and hardest - training available for any BG's.

Initial Recruitment

The initial recruits are taken from normal BG soldiers. The recruits must be abnormally loyal to the BG's, have the rank of Major or less, have at least three missions of combat experience, and have no family.

Selection Process

Part One of the selection, lasting for 31 days, is divided into three sections. The first section is designed to quickly eliminate candidates who are unable to meet either the physical or psychological strain of being part of a Sleeper unit. The second section focuses more on judgement and mental ability while under physical stress. The third section requires to volunteers to exhibit an ability to work as a part of a team.

Part Two of the selection subjects the recruits to twenty days of physical training and land navigation in a barren wasteland of rocky grags and bogs where the snow and hails never seem to cease raining. The day begins early each morning and concludes late at night, with the objective of testing the recruit's stamina and ability to think clearly under the corrosive effects of sleep deprivation and constant stress.

Part Three culminates in a 60-mile forced march. The recruit, equipped with a 30-kilo backpack and his combat gear, must succesfully negotiate this complex land navigation and endurance test - for which the map coordinates of rendezvous points must be memorized, not commited to writing - in less than twenty-four hours.

Those who pass are given sixteen weeks of intensive combat training (Part 4), including weapons familiarization, marksmanship and small-unit tactics. Additional training in first aid, close-quarters battle (CQB), demolition and sabotage is also provided.

Eight weeks of standard Bad Guy parachute training are then provided (Part 5), culminating in twelve jumps, including five combat jumps and three night combat jumps. The training also includes eight Space-To-Atmosphere (SpToAt) jumps.

Parachute training is followed by combat survival and resistance-to-interrogation courses (Part 6), lasting six weeks. Standard survival training is punctuated with realistic - indeed, often physically and psychologically brutal - interrogations at the hands of BG interrogators and telepaths. Those who pass the fifth part, usually 3-8% of the original applicants, are accepted into the Sleeper Division.


After entering the Sleeper Division, the freshmen are sent to a six-week-long Sleeper Indoctrination Program, which hones weapons and other combat skills and introduces the standard operating procedures of the Sleeper Units, as well as the operating procedures of other elite BG units. After several months familiarization of with various elite units, they beginner is sent to Basic Sleeper Training.

Basic Sleeper Training lasts 90 days - with an average of nearly 18 hours of training a day - and is conducted in four phases. The first concentrates on leadership skills and small-unit tactics, as well as intensive physical training and mental stress. In the second phase the trainees are given exhaustive training in reconnaissance, patrol, raiding, and ambush techniques, as well as mountaineering and land-, sea-, and space-navigation under combat conditions. The third phase consists of small-unit exercises conducted under jungle, swamp, volcanic, and high-radiation conditions. In the fourth phase, the recruits receive telepathic training, which is centered around protecting one's mind against psionic intrusions.

In Specialty Training, the trainee is given advanced, comprehensive training of his chosen specialty, as well as more basic training concerning the other available specialties: communications, demolition, medical, weapons, telepathy, or magic. This part of the training takes 50-83 weeks, depending on the chosen specialty.

For the following two months, the trainees receive training in arctic survival, camouflage, skiing, and combat operations. This is followed by two months of training in jungle survival, camouflage, and combat operations. After this, the trainee is given training designed to familiarize himself with basic techniques for escape, evasion, and resistance behind enemy lines, again for two months. Also, the trainee is given a two-month course in the basics of waterborn insertion/extraction and combat operations. Finally, the trainee will be studying a foreign language during these eight months.

A one-month period of tests then follows, to make sure that the trainee hasnt forgotten any of skills he has been taught. If that happens, he is sent back to re-train the forgotten profession.

The Sleeper training does not end yet, as the trainees are given a six-month course which includes assault techniques, command and control functions, first aid and paramedical training, hostage management, vehicle and machiner operation, airborne and airmobile techniques and tactics, and man-to-man fighting techniques - and this list is by no means exhaustive.

To finish up, the trainees are given a six-month course for all the starfighters used by the BGs: TIE Fighters, Interceptors, Bombers, Advanced's, Defenders, and Nemesis's.

Finally, after finishing this training program of 38 - 50 months (3-4 years), the trainees graduate to fully-fledged Sleepers, and are placed in cryosleep immeaditly after graduation.